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Background information

Although the recovery of the anatum peregrine falcon is progressing well in many parts of eastern North America, there remains much that we don't know or understand about these birds.  One of the biggest mysteries remaining is what young peregrines do in winter - we know from our own observations that many adults in southern Ontario remain at their breeding territories throughout the year, yet their offspring invariably disappear around the end of summer.  Occasionally they reappear elsewhere the following spring, but often they are never seen again.  What happens to these birds during their first fall and winter?  Project Track-'em aimed to uncover the answers to this and other questions.

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In 1999, we launched Project Track-'em as a pilot study, and followed four juvenile peregrine falcons from Ontario.  We learned that three of the four spent the winter in Central or South America, and we were able to follow one of them as he returned home in the spring.

In 2000, Project Track-'em was expanded to follow the movements of an additional five peregrines falcons from Ontario, Quebec, and New York State.   This permitted us to continue our research on the migratory routes and wintering habitats of anatum peregrines, and also allowed us to begin drawing comparisons between urban and wild-raised birds.

In 2001, Project Track-'em grew further, with seven peregrines under observation.  Four of these undertook significant migrations, with their wintering grounds ranging from New York City to the Dominican Republic to Colombia.  Not only have we learned a great deal about the biology of these birds, but in some cases, they have also offered us wonderful insights into human attitudes toward raptors in different regions.

In 2002, the fourth season of Project Track-'em involved partners in Alberta and Pennsylvania tracking peregrines, as well as additional individuals from Ontario.  As in the past, each bird has a page of its own on the CPF website, or on those of our partners.  

2003 marked the fifth and final year of Project Track-'em.  The travels of peregrines from Ontario and Pennsylvania can again be followed on our website, by following the links below.  Or, for more details on our research program, select the background information link below.


Thanks to our 2001/2002 Project Track-'em partners and sponsors:

Friends of the Environment Foundation

Ontario Power Generation

EcoAction 2000

Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources

Eastman Kodak Corp.

Falconbridge Limited

Microwave Telemetry Inc.

Pennsylvania Game Commission

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