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Regular features of Talon Tales:

Letters, poems, drawings, and photos from readers have been featured in Talon Tales periodically.

Below is an example from the November 1998 issue of Talon Tales.

When falcons cry
Marion Nash

When I was a child, Id often watch the clouds go by,
Lying in the grass staring at the sky

On a hot summer day with my best friend,
We would lie there for hours on end.

The fluffy white clouds looked so soft and so clean,
And some took the shape of animals wed seen.

One day as we watched the heavens sail by,
I caught a fast movement from the corner of my eye.

I turned my head in time to see,
A bird swooping down right above me,
She seemed to be on a collision course with another bird,
I screamed of course.

But much to my surprise,
She grabbed that bird right out of the sky,
And as she flew away from me
She let out a happy ke ke ke.

I never saw that bird again,
Or any like her, neither did my friend.

Some years later we all got the word,
The Peregrine Falcon is an endangered bird.

We made big mistakes with our sky and lakes,
We poisoned the ground for goodness sakes,
From the plants, to the bugs, to the birds in the sky,
How could we do this I thought as I cried.

But we can save the things we love,
If push really does come to shove.

Try hard my friends, its not the end,
Its up to us, the human race, that has to bend.

I now look again to the sky and see,
The Falcons flying by ke ke ke
They cry with glee,
Thank you, thank you for saving me.


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